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SI Range of TRUE DC Solar Isolators

IMO's range of TRUE DC isolators have been specifically manufactured to ensure the safe and effective isolation of DC voltages within all kinds of solar panels and installations. These high-end DC isolators are fully certified and are developed to UL standards, resulting in the creation of an internal switch which allows for the product to operate with the least wire connections possible. IMO's SI range have a switching speed that is independent of the operator, that is the IMO mechanism is such that there is no direct linkage between the operator handle and the switch contacts, making for a safer disconnect with no risk of fire.


The FireRaptor is a solar panel rapid shutdown solution which provides 3 forms of emergency rapid shutdown to ZERO VOLTS. It offers a manual shutdown using a "one push" button, which can be conveniently located anywhere for emergency access. It also offers an automatic emergency shutdown if it detects an ambient temperature in excess of 85ºC (185ºF) and an automatic shutdown if there is a disconnection of the external AC power supply. Safety is the primary feature, and peace of mind is the secondary feature as this product is offered with a 20 year manufacturer warranty.

Solar Cube

The IMO Solar Cube is an off-the-shelf precision solar tracking solution. Developed as a ground breaking, easy to set up solar tracker and measurement controller with the flexibility to adapt to any installation, the Solar Cube tracks the sun's movement and provides optimum panel (or array) positioning. The Solar Cube calculates the 'zenith angle' and the 'azimuth angle' to specify the position of the sun in the sky to within 0.01º.

Solar Connectors

IMO's new range of Solar Connectors bring a universal connection solution to many PV systems. The IMO Solar Connectors are a very competitive product produced to the highest standards, the IMO Solar Connectors offer a rating up to 30A at 1000V DC which allows the Solar Connectors to be used in most all domestic PV Systems. There are three types of connector - mobile, panel and branch connectors. All IMO solar connectors offer IP67 protection, giving you a safe conenction even when used outside in adverse weather conditions.

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