TRUE DC Solar Isolators

IMO Solar Cube


IMO Precision Controls offers a range of True DC Isolators specifically designed for use in Solar PV installations in accordance with EN 60364-7-712. The IMO design incorporates a user independent switching action so as the handle is moved it interacts with a spring mechanism which, upon reaching a set point, causes the contacts to “SNAP” over thereby ensuring a very fast break/make action. This mechanism means that the disconnection of the load circuits and suppression of the arc, produced by a constant DC load, is normally extinguished in a maximum of 5ms using the specific pole suppression chambers incorporated within the design.


  • Panel, base & single hole mounting options available
  • Enclosed & modular versions available
  • Lever actuator, lockable lover actuator & lockable rotary actuator options
  • Range available up to 55A
  • Range available up to 8 pole
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • CE, UL, cUL, TUV & IEC approved
  • Over 5 million worldwide installed unit with ZERO ELECTRICAL FAILURES
  • Now available in miniaturised SIM version - 35% smaller by cubic volume compared with the SI range


To read more about IMO's TRUE DC SI and SIM range of Solar Isolators, click here.

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